Friday, June 15, 2007

Hey everybody! I just realized that this has been a pretty good year blogging-wise, in the sense that by the middle of the year I have more posts this year than I did last year, which is kind of sad, since a lot happened in 2006 but I was too lazy to write about.

In the words of Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner, "those memories will fade away, like tears in the rain", or something like that. My favorite movie quote though, at the moment, is "I learned the facts of life, from The Facts of Life!", exclaimed towards the end of The Cable Guy by none other than Jim Carey.

I guess it's no secret that the company I'm doing my internship at is moving to a new location up north of the state. This last week, they've been busy getting everything in order, packing stuff up, archiving documents and the like. Yesterday was pretty much the climax of the entire process, with the office upstaurs being emptied until by the end of the afternoon, there was really nothing left to do but watch YouTube at my desk with fellow engineers.

Good times.

I have to say, being there for about 3 months, (almost as long as an entire sem, it feels like), I think I'm pretty close with the guys working there. They're really cool people, just a few years older than me mostly. Plus there always was that intern I got to talk to once in a while.

Hey, the short sem's over! Hi, Midge and Jas!

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