Sunday, May 20, 2007


Man, I had a pretty great weekend.

Woke up at the usual time yesterday (I usually get up around 6, 6:30 these days, I know can you believe it). Did the usual getting up routine (stretching, yawning, belching, scratching). Went for an early breakfast with Mom & Pop at a nearby mamak stall, had some roti.

Did you know.... At the Saujana Pasar Tani (sort of like a farmer's market/small market thing) there's a stall selling not just any old pirated dvd's but also pornographic ones as well? It boggles the mind!

Yeah so I helped carry some food for my mom and we drove home. After that I went out to KLCC to see Midge (that's Hamizah to you) cos well I hadn't seen her in a long while, and it would be nice to catch up and all.

We met up and had lunch. I ate a sandwich and she had a thing, and then we walked around a bit, talked. Decided to walk to Bukit Bintang, which we did after walking into the exhibition center. Turns out the program organizers there don't know how to spell venue. It's an "e" not "vanue". Yes, you're welcome.

Walking to BB doesn't take long, but the heat can knock you out, man! It was worth it, though, I had good company and the payoff was air conditioned comfort with Kettle chips and hot chocolate (HOT??) yes.

Today was no different. Had an awesome reunion with Jun, Jan and Hadi. Haven't seen the twins and Hadi in what feels like ages.. Good times! I had a lot of good times with these guys. I love em. Been through a lot together. You could say I grew up with these guys, sort of.

Anyways! Had lunch at the food court, walked around Kino browsing the graphic novels and got a book (Nick Hornby, Hadi got himself a Neil Gaiman comic which I'll probably borrow later). Then we watched Blades of Glory, which is the best Will Ferrel movie since Anchorman. Better than Talladega Nights. Yes.

It's a very manhood challenging movie to watch though.. I was cringing half the time. Ice skating, it doth not becomes me.

We stayed there for a pretty long time. Had a pretty good dinner too. It'd be great to see them again. Yes it would.

I guess what it all boils down to is, it's good to have friends. Especially friends like mine. Awwww! So mushy. I am a mushy poster today.

Newcomers to this blog, welcome! For you bear witness to two years of blogging excellence.


mizahmidge said...

the heat... oh yes the heat hahah
i watched next... its okay
cant stand will ferrel and ice skating... :P
u tc!

Afifah said...

i shall see the movie. need a good laugh now. btw, cant wait for heroes season finale.

nothing wrong to be mushy.