Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Used to be as a kid, I'd have probably a really poor attention span as far as wanting to be entertained was concerned. I'd say that hasn't really changed.

I think I might have pushed myself a bit too hard yesterday, went I went running/jogging. I can't really separate the two. Cos that's how I roll! Yeah, so I went like 15 laps or something, that's like 6 to 7 km I think. Ball park estimate. So I was listening to some music and then whenever a song that I particularly like is playing I tend to run a bit faster.

SO I was listening to this one song by the Chili Peppers and by the time the guitar solo started I was sprinting my ass off, and my heart area started to hurt and then I had to stop. Thankfully though, I still managed to reach my target.

I've noticed how utterly dull I've gotten whenever I get into conversations with people, because inevitably I'd justy launch into talking about myself or some bullshit, and then i realize hey, I'm bordering on sounding like a pompous jerkoff, maybe I should stop right here.

Cos I don't want to be self absorbed. That would suck.

Hey, check out the Postal Service! Awesome music.

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