Wednesday, May 30, 2007

took me long enough

Hey guys, my home pc got infected with this really dumbass virus that was spawned by satan and cockroaches, that deletes my executable files. And one of those was the driver for my wireless receiver, meaning no internet for me! At least, not until I fix the problem, which hopefully will be soon.

I watched The Prestige a couple nights ago, after buying the dvd. I like it! What an awesome movie. Can't believe it took me that long to watch it. Also, I can't believe I still haven't seen Spidey 3 or Pirates. And that sucks. Cos yes I'm a hypocrite who'd still watch summer blockbusters partly if not greatly due to the hype surrounding them.

New Rambo movie! I know the news about it has already been around for over a year, I don't care Rambo kicks ass.

Last weekend was great. I know I missed Australs selections, and I know somewhere deep in my heart I'm a little sad about it, but mostly I'm comfortable with not going. I don't really want to deal with all that stress right now. Debate used to be fun, but ever since Royals and Worlds I've wanted to just take a break. And who knows. I'll probably join again next sem, for kicks.

Saturday, hung out with relatives. Had to babysit some nieces and nephews that wanted to play on the Jungle Gym across the street from our house. Basically, it was a lot of pushing them on the swings and lifting them across the monkey bars. And looking just a little bit awkward to the teenage girls watching me across the street. Hello, ladies!

Sunday was back to chilling with some friends. Adam and Shareef were there this time, and it was awesome.

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