Tuesday, May 1, 2007


You know, I watched the new episode of Heroes twice now and I still cannot believe the awesomeness of it all. It reminded me of the classic Days of Future Past storyline in The X-Men series so many years ago. What happened in that story, is that we're given a glimpse into the future where anti-mutant legislation comes into place and Sentinels are killing all the remaining X-Men.

Anyway, this week's episode was a very good one, we see just how well Hiro uses the Kensei sword, and the extent of Peter's strength, and what happens to all the other Heroes off-screen (spoiler: a lot of bad shit goes down).

So yeah. Can't wait to get the DVD of Season One when it comes out!

Other than that, I had a pretty okay Labor Day.


mizahmidge said...

everyone is watching that episode twice!! hehe
see if u can get some free time this weekend so we cud all hang out... tc!

Ezanee said...

Yes, yes. I hope to free some time up too!

Afifah said...

i think they're running out of female characters. no fair. and to see the other side of hiro,caused by ando. friendship. bennet. touching.

i have to agree with u, that it is turning out to be a little bit like x-men, but of course, AWESOMENESS is definitely the word to describe it.

mizahmidge said...

hey dude.. simply enquiry.. what are the chances that i cud drop by ur trainin company for our EOP fieldtrip assignment? we need to talk to 2 personnel, prolly an engineer and the HR manager... hit me back on this yeah... laters...