Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Reminder

Hello! I start my training tomorrow. Let's pray no work-related accidents happen during the next three months, yes?

Also, I think I'll get rid of Best Stuff items where people post the most asinine comments and I share the same Stuff with them. Chocolate, George Bush, Water.. what's the point of commenting on chocolate by writing "yuuummmmy"? Honestly.

I think the more people like an item, or the more popular an item gets, the dumber the comments that crop up. Which is true. Don't bother voting for an item that more than 300 people can like at once. Unless you wanna wade through the "can't live without it"-s.

Also I think YouTube should get rid of their commenting service and just stick with the whole out-of-5 star rating system. That way, we're all spared from reading some of the most irrelevant and idiotic comments on what should be a happy gathering ground of sharing videophiles.

Not a place where some idiot using some alias like poontang1987 can write shit like "soz, just realised im in my brothers account haha… soz".

Goddamn shit's annoying.

1 comment:

Afifah said...

having a bad day?

but its funny, how these things can get into us.