Friday, April 6, 2007

Hey, I finished my finals! And so I don't really remember much what happened last night.

Here's a tip for those of you (yes, all 2 of you!) taking Nondestructive Testing in the future: there is no tip. Just study your ass off for the final and don't worry, your carry marks can't be as bad as mine.

Hey, is it true The Strokes are recording their new album sometime this year? If so, great!

I went to Uitm today to help out a friend who needed a pinch hitter for his debate team. It was weird, I felt kind of detached during the whole process, like it was an out of body experience. Like I had nothing to lose. It was the calmest I'd felt all week.

I think I'd like to join again, if I'm not too busy. We'll see.

In other news. TMNT, please!

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Afifah said...

yes, do join again if ure not too busy.