Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here It Comes

Pretty soon, there'll be the metal detectors. The sniffing dogs. Security personnel. Cops.

No change in gun legislation? Probably not.

How many more mass shootings until the politicians get it right? How many warning signs do people need to see whether someone needs help; counselling, monitoring, friendship. Anything to curb impending violence? How many more Bowling For Columbine-style messages until we get saturated with common sense?

Isn't it amazing the rate at which news updates so quickly, such that we know more and more within the first few days of an event? We know so much more about the shooter than we ever would have gathered 30 years ago in the same amount of time.

We know he was depressed, lonely, disturbed. We know the guns were obtained legally for God's sake.

The worst mass shooting in US history. The land where privileges are treated as rights. Where anything is a legitimate cause if there's enough power, influence, support.

And the politicians there say "it's not the time for a debate on gun laws... we need to mourn". And wait for the next shooting. How many more deaths? Until 50 are shot dead at once?

Constitutional right, my ass.

Yes, this is a more serious post.

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