Thursday, April 26, 2007

Got back on track with my project at work today.

Something which is on my mind though:

It's a new feeling, or rather one I haven't felt since maybe starting out at Gombak or my first day of matriculation in PJ. That feeling like, this is a new environment for me, I don't know any of these guys from before, they don't know me from anywhere before.

No baggage? Like a fresh start, kind of. Making new friends and applying yourself in that environment. No need for people to know you as "that guy who used to be in debates", or "that smartass", because frankly speaking they don't give a shit about labels or reputations.

Basically being the new guy. And you know what? You just need to be yourself. It's cool being all like "I'm Ezanee", and they're like "oh, I'm...". I guess what I'm getting at is, it's easier for me to be in that kind of situation.

Would be nice to catch up with the guys though. I kind of forget I'm still a student sometimes.

Hi everybody!

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Afifah said...

hye ezanee!

people can stop judging you based on reputation and instead embrace you as you. pretty cool.