Thursday, March 8, 2007

Rock Your Socks Off

Tenacious D! Yes, The Pick of Destiny, which most probably will not be screened in Malaysian cinemas. Which is sad, because it would probably have rocked your socks off.

People, forget the last post. I'll put up an RSS widget as soon as I can get my hands on one. So I will be linking you to some awesome stuff. By the way, to those of you who are not yet enlightened to the way of the Google, try out Google Reader for some user friendly rss goodness!

While I'm still here, I might as well rate some movies which I saw recently:

Sausage-fest! Should have been renamed "300 Sausagy Spartan Goodness", in a totally non-homoerotic way. It felt like watching a comic book, it was tht true to the medium. It didn't feel like a typical comic-to-movie transition, which is always nice (I'm talking to you, MARVEL).
Three out of five sausages. Or 300/500. I'm so clever.

Clerks 2:
Of course here I'm referring to the dvd, because here's another one we won't see in local theaters. Let's see.. Rosario Dawson, check. Jay and Silent Bob, check. Donkey love, very check.
I have to give it two donkeys.

Smokin' Aces:
Awesome awesome awesome!! Jason Bateman as a sexual deviant, Ryan Reynolds is actually pretty cool, and wow, man Alicia Keys as an assassin? Seriously, this is one of the best movies ever.
I give it a very stylish five severed thumbs up!


Adrian said...

Dude watch out for Pillow Pants.

Also where is the rating for Pan's Labyrinth?

Ezanee said...

Oh yeah this blog is too ludicrous and unworthy of rating Pan's Labyrinth. But since you asked, I give it five mutilated fairy corpses out of five! Great success!