Friday, March 16, 2007

Not a Bad Time

Ah, to feel a little bit of freedom, the way a plane experiences six degrees of freedom, even for a little while, that's really something. Today, I met a good friend, who's on a three-day weekend break from his job. Hung out at NZ mamak to celebrate Fareez's birthday. It was great. Azahan, Danial, Fareez, Halian, Nabilah, a couple other guys.

Basically it was great exchanging jokes and stories with people whom I rarely see these days. It was a treat.

Hm. The day before, I submitted my Project 1 report, having gone through several obstacles towards its completion. Shit dude. Then I was feeling a little stressed out, so I felt like going out. Maybe catch a movie, take a walk, buy myself a sandwich. Went to klcc, checked out the cinemas. Nothing I haven't already seen, 300 came out last week, and the other showtimes were inconvenient.

So I did the logical thing; bought a ticket for An Inconvenient Truth. Unbelievable. The movie came out last year, and only opened here last week. Needless to say, it deserves the praise it received. I mean sure we already know it's us who fucked up our planet, global warming sucks, but I just loved the way Al Gore did the reality check. Unfortunately, based on the number of people in the cinema, it was pretty obvious how many Malaysians wanted that shot in the arm.

Anyway, it's good. It's how a presentation should be done. With flair and confidence and conviction. Shit, I feel primed for my project presentation on Monday. Considering that I still don't know what exactly I'm doing. Ha ha! Kidding!

When I left the cinema, I bumped into someone I know from debates, it was nice seeing her again. It's weird, people your own age, working while you're still doing your degree? Never mind that the programs and modules are different. Anyways. It was nice.

So yeah. Not a bad time at all.

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