Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I finally finished all my Project I stuff this sem! Had my presentation already... Man, I'm relieved it's all over. Oh, but what if I did really badly?


Anyways, there's a few things you guys nee
d to be aware of, which I felt like sharing with you:
  • Idiocracy is a really good movie! Truly a shame that so many cinema-goers missed this. Hey, at least you guys can buy the dvd..
  • Lately I've been listening to:
    • M. Ward - This guy's guitar playing and songwriting is so amazing. Check out his Post War or Duet For Guitars for some feel good action.
    • Of Montreal - These guys are fantastic! Really refreshing stuff.
    • Brendan Benson - I dunno man. Whenever I hear his songs, I just feel like I can relate to them, you know? Plus his tunes are super catchy. Cold Hands, Warm Heart is one of my favorite songs now.
    • Aimee Mann - Having her on my iPod is compulsory listening. I wish everyone wrote songs like this. She gets better with every album.
    • Um. I have to agree with my brother on Neon Bible, by The Arcade Fire. What he said.
  • What kind of headphones are you using? I'm really uncomfortable with the ones they market these days, the ones you stick inside your ear, like those shipped with Walkman phones? You know what I mean right? Anyways, I don't like those. Nor do I like the original iPod 'phones I got either. I'm using these Sony headphones, the old-school style, with big round speakers, really sound-insulating. It's great. Stereo in my head, plus no one complains about the excess noise like you usually get with regular headphones. The model is the dynamic stereo MDR-V300. Just thought of sharing that with you.
  • Also, this is an update. Will Smith is too awesome for words in The Pursuit Of Happyness. I watched it yesterday, after the presentation. Oh man. This movie's got a lot of heart. Why are so many movies not released simultaneously here in Malaysia, if not two weeks late at the most? I mean if substandard movies like the Hulk and quickies like 300 can be released within the same week, why wait for movies like say, Stomp The Yard, which came out about 2 months ago? What gives?
Okay, that's all you're getting from me. Exams start this Saturday, with Design! Woo!

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Afifah said...

Sony MDR-CD170. Really an old one. Have to agree. Will Smith is the bomb. One moment he can make u laugh and one moment he can make u feel so full of it. Emotions i mean.