Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Try It!

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd try something here,. You know the drill. Put a music player on shuffle and list them as you would in a sequence of movie events, as in a movie about your life. Or rather, your life as a teen movie (or maybe Carrie-like), because of the inclusion of a prom in the list. C'mon people, a prom? But I digress.

Let's start this thing..

Opening credits: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise), The Beatles

Hmm. Well, For a song that's about a minute long, and is originally marked to end a show, I'm guessing here it's kind of like a morning after scene, with a sweeping camera view of my bedroom, and uh. Visual clues as to what went on the night before. Yes. This is starting out well!

Waking up: Within You, Without You, The Beatles

Okay, that's just weird. Is this really on shuffle? Ahem. Anyways, this is one of those tripping on LSD while playing sitar songs that the Beatles revolutionized in the swinging sixties. Kind of a weird song to wake up to, but what the hell. "We can save the world, if we only kneeeewww".

First day at school: Easily, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oh, awesome! I could totally go to school listening to this song! I guess this is one of those troubled teen movies, then, based on this song. How depressing.. I'm beginning to not like the actor playing me. I bet on the schoolyard, theres'a bunch of typical Goth-teens with body piercings looking depressed and dejected. Like in a Three Doors Down video (Boo!!). Oh, but the guitars are awesome. Must be a sucky school to go to, though..

Falling in love: Tangled Up In Plaid, Queens Of The Stone Age

Hmm. Wow. What a movie this is turning out to be. Uh. I guess I catch a girl's eye at a drag race? Or behind a stadium where said all the troubled kids go to smoke and whine about teachers and those damned popular kids. Damn those popular kids!

Fight song: Anniemal, Annie

Ok, shut up. So I have an eclectic collection of tunes.

I can't imagine any fight scene with this song in it.. Man, what an annoying fight song. And potentially embarrassing. Imagine a fight between rival hoods, and one of the guys brings a boombox blasting this song!

Hilarity ensues.

Breaking up: Train In Vain, The Clash

Hey, that's not bad. "The heartache's in me til this day.." It fits. "I see all my dreams come tumbling down.."

Oh, but the song's in such an upbeat tempo. I guess this would mean an 80-s style movie montage, of me walking around and meeting friends and goofing off, with 2-second intervals of me looking really dejected and down.

Prom: Shine, Collective Soul

Hahahaha I have no words for this. What year is this movie set in? 1994? That's great. Really great. I can just imagine kids dancing to this. I'd change the channel during this scene.. probably cos this movie's going straight to video!

Life: Everything Is Everything, Lauryn Hill

"What is meant to be will be, After winter must come spring, Change will come eventually"

Perfect lines. What a cool retrospective song! I can imagine people who, watching this scene, will catch the coolness of this song and just kind of lose themselves in the moment. For some reason, I see really fast camera panning while looking outside a train window or bus. So stereotypical!

Mental breakdown: Night, Bruce Springsteen

Born To Run is a good album, a real classic. Hence its inclusion in my movie. But this is a love song, encouraging us to step out into the night, to face our destiny!

This better be a good movie. If not a Clockwork Orange psychedelic ripoff.

Driving: Lovely Rita, The Beatles

Okay, what is this. Three songs from the Sgt. Pepper album? I'm thinking the producers of I Am Sam are behind this. Damn you, I Am Sam people!

Plus. Am I driving in the countryside here? Oh wait am I driving around the block checking out meter maids? No. What a confusing movie! Like in Bowfinger.

Flashback: Call Me On Your Way Back Home, Ryan Adams

Oh I get it! While I'm checking out the meter maids, I see one of them was my high school sweetheart who was grooving to QOTSA. And then, this triggers memories of Annie's dance beat fight, which then brings back all the good memories accompanied by this song.

Hey, Ryan Adams is alright. And ironically this song fits, so there.

Getting back together: Helpless Dancer, The Who

This is a pretty good intro to the song, dun dun dun-dun duunnnnn...!!! Then hard bangs on the piano. Of course this song also uses "lesbians and queers" in the lyrics.

But we get back together, yes?


Wedding: Riffs And Variations On A Single Note For Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, And The King of Swing, To Name A Few-- Sufjan Stevens

For a song with such a long title, it lasts for less than a minute! Not much of a wedding scene, then. I guess all goes well, here.

Birth of child: Jamie, Weezer

This is the acoustic version of the song, which is fitting for this scene. I'm guessing it's the name of the baby, and so it has to be a girl. That's ok, I guess.

What a nice song! I hope Wes Anderson is directing. "Sometimes I see, You're not with me, It hurts me so much.." So sweet! We'll be together a long time. Yes. This is a nice song for this scene. Barring the lawyer line in the song, which doesn't really fit into it but oh well.

Final battle: Are You A Hypnotist, The Flaming Lips

Hmm, a groovy drumbeat, synthesizers used to good effect (for once), heavy bass. Yes. This is a dramatic final fight.

I'm guessing things are in slow motion and I'm fighting alongside my mates, Green Street Hooligans style. Using my fists! And the slowmo is varying in speed, but always slow, so you see me getting the shit knocked out of me and me kicking the hell ass of everyone.

What a movie!

Death scene: Celia Inside, The Cardigans

Man. Ok. I'm guessing here it's another great montage scene of me shooting the breeze with my significant other, and Jamie the Weezer-child. And walking around town. All this in old age, I'm assuming. Kind of like a Royal Tenenbaums final montage scene, you know the one with Gene Hackman and those kids with afros.

And then I fall sick or fall down the stairs. Either way I die.


Funeral song: The End Of Medicine, The New Pornographers

Well, it's certainly the end of this movie, isn't it? How fitting. It's kind of like how they played that really awesome song with the bagpipes in various scenes in The Departed.

No real flashbacks or anything here. Just kind of a scene of me being buried and relatives and friends watching and commiserating.

End credits: Lucky Man, The Verve

Wow, a lot of old songs made it onto my shuffle, didn't they? Anyway, this song's pretty cool for the end credits, kind of like in the end of Good Will Hunting, with a shot of a car driving down the freeway, further away from the camera, and the scene fading into black.

Well, folks, there you have it! Try it. Put your mp3 or media player on shuffle and find out how interesting life can be in a movie!

One last thing. I want Ben Stiller, Luke and Owen Wilson, Will Ferrel, Steve Carrell and Bill Murray to be in this movie. It would be so awesome. Like perfect.


mizahmidge said...

hey this is not the original one!! liar! :P

Afifah said...

deep analysis! too bad that i dont have an mp3 to do this but if there's one song that keeps playing on my head for an advertisement or closing of a story. the who's teenage wasteland. They totally have a way with keyboards