Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Only In Dreams

I was listening to that old Weezer song, and I thought about how it used to make me feel listening to it. It's a pretty lonely song, about this guy pining for a girl and only being able to be with her in his dreams. Plus it's got a really great guitar line throughout, and a bass that repeats itself for like eight minutes. But I digress. The song is really bittersweet.

You walk up to her.
Ask her to dance.
She says, "Hey, baby, I just might take the chance."
You say, "It's a good thing
That you float in the air... in the air.
That way there's no way I will crush your pretty toenails into a thousand pieces."
Anyways, can you believe that October's reared its ugly head already? Seriously, as if the days and months don't go by fast enough already! How have you been?

Really horrible thing, isn't it? The shootings at the Amish school? And also the ones that have happened in the last week in the US. Truly, it is sad that people resort to bringing violence to a place that denounces it completely. Guns should be illegal, really. Screw the NRA.

I was reading about whether or not Islam is compatible with so-called "Western" values. Ain't nothing to it.. I think it's perfectly possible for a Muslim in the West to practice his ibadah irrespective of his surroundings. Where there is a will there is a way, after all. Plus I genuinely believe that these things do work out in time.

You know what's bugging me? That I can be a real prick at times. I feel bad when I read about my friends' troubles and there's not much I can do or say and I give the impression that I couldn't care less. And that I say things without thinking sometimes, which hurts the people that I love, friends and family included. Is it too late to say sorry? Hope not.

I hope all a y'all's Ramadhan is going great.


Only Kye said...

i really dunno. amish kids. guns. are we crazy for not believing it when it happens? or are we crazy for not seeing it coming

yes. guns should be ban. if someone wants to protect himself, he should learn judo.

you're not a prick.

adifferentsideofme said...

ezanee, thanks.
AND congrats to YOU for making it into royals AND worlds!

and yes, the amish shooting really upset me too.
basically any sort of unjustified shooting makes me sick to the bones.. =(

& kye's right. ur not a prick. sheesh.. ;p

- Puteri =)

ps: i like the comics u link, hilarious.