Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Transit

Balik kampung are two words oft used during Raya times. Happy Raya everyone. Hopefully your Ramadhan was alright, and your celebrations of this year's Eid were excellent.

We (that is, me and the folks) went back to Kelantan last Saturday, which is where my mom comes from. As many of you may already know, my dad is from Sarawak. East coast meets East Malaysia. Not bad.

Anyways, we had fun, sort of. Mostly it was lazing around at the place we stayed in Pantai Cahaya Bulan, some beach thing. And also at my aunt's house. Lots of mosquitoes (at the PCB place). And, um. Met relatives. My aunt, and uncle. Among others. My mom has a pretty big family tree actually. A lot of brothers and sisters spread out throughout the country. Frankly speaking, I am only close to a handful of my cousins. But that's fine. It's been alright so far.

We had a kenduri arwah the night before, for my grandmother. She passed away in May of 1997. She was a great and wonderful person.

Road trip always means music. At least for my family it does. We listened to songs on shuffle from me and my brother's players. And even my sister contributed. Peter Pan is alright as far as Malay and Indonesian music goes.

Two things. Firstly, Demetri Martin is awesome. He's a comedian who uses musical instruments at times to liven up his standup routine. His cd is entitled These Are Jokes. You guys should check it out, it is great.

Secondly, Albert Hammond Jr.'s album, Yours To Keep is pretty good too. I wouldn't have thought much earlier that the guy could have a recording career outside of The Strokes, but he's really talented, solo artist-wise. He knows how to do a catchy tune, most times, and my current favorite off the album (actually I have two) are Scared, and Bright Young Thing. There you go folks, two albums to keep your internet connection busy.

As an afterthought, Girl Talk is pretty awesome too, in terms of remixing old tracks, putting them together, and creating entirely new songs out of them. For that, Night Ripper is worth checking out too.

I also did a lot of casual reading, because I had a lot of free time. I read A Feast For Crows, and Life of Pi. Both books are awesome. One is how a fantasy book should be, that is, easy on the reader and highly imaginative. George Martin is cool. The other one is simply a really good book, period. Yann Martel is an awesome writer.

I cannot wait to get back to campus. I have a person to see, and I have to get serious about my exam preparations. Mostly I look forward to seeing you. You know who you are.

Ah, exams. What to do.


Anonymous said...

Eid mubarak, ezanee =)
glad you had such a relaxing eid.
music on the road? i can relate to that :-)
hehe.. &
please extend my wish to your other half when you meet her back in uni too k?

- Puteri.
ps: i couldnt make it to reselection. not in kl right now. *sighs* gluck for finals too!

Puteri said...

I'm the other puteri. If my memory serves me right, been trying to get you to read Life of Pi since forever. The book is my fave!