Sunday, September 3, 2006

Things are getting interesting

Hey guys. So it seems my loyal readers have noticed the general lack of activity on my blog. Well, don't fret, folks, cos there's two new changes here. One, this is a new post. Two (!) I have decided to try out this new beta blogger feature, just for kicks. Unbeknownst to me, before agreeing to it, I cannot actually change back to my old profile. Thrills!

Tonight me and Hadi went to Riasat and Sarah's place, to visit. It's a pretty nice place, with a view. And an aquarium, which is a plus point. We ended up talking about movies, ragging, stuff, for about an hour or so, I can't tell. Time was wonky tonight. Then we had dinner at kubur, which was alright.

It was nice, shooting the breeze with the guys after a pretty tiring weekend. These are guys who I've known pretty much since I entered UIA. And I'm glad we remain friends until now. It's cool having people to talk to and just hang out with sometimes, especially since I seldom bump into 'em on campus.

I've been listening to my music on shuffle lately. Yeah.

I remember a time when I'd just write down whatever news I read, and write a few comments about it. What happened? Could be any number of reasons why that kind of petered out. Heh. Do you care if Venezuela vies for a permanent UN Security Council seat? You should. I think.

I still have yet to watch Snakes on a Plane.

Anyways, I guess you could say I had a pretty good day today. I look forward to seeing some people in the days to come, and possibly a good week as well. Hi Mom and Dad.


Adrian said...

Re: Snakes On A Plane: you and me both, man.

Only Kye said...

awww. two brothers who haven't watched the most anticipated summer EVER.

you know what this means right? you get to watch together! oh yeah. uh huh.