Saturday, September 16, 2006

Submitted for your approval

Hey everyone! How's it hanging. I watched two movies this morning, both on different ends of the watchable movie spectrum. First was Scarface, the 1980 Al Pacino classic, and then I proceeded to The Great Train Robbery, which incidentally is based on the book by Michael Crichton. Funnily enough, Mr. Crichton wrote the screenplay and directed the movie.

Let's talk a bit about the The Great Train Robbery. I just want to say, I think Sean Connery is a damn fine actor. He's right up there with all the greats, you know. Which is why I was surprised to see him in this movie. Him, and Donald Sutherland, who is also awesome.

One has to wonder how Crichton managed to convince these two thespians to lead the movie. First, the cinematography is really off, they used this grainy effect like an 8mm thing, probably to lend it some old school flavor or something. I can't believe I just said that. Second, the source material is a really good novel, really good stuff.

I mean, it's understandable that you can't really transfer every damn thing into film from a book, it doesn't work that way. But... well, look at it this way. The book is about this guy who plans an Ocean's Eleven style robbery on a moving train, you know, getting the lockpicker, the acrobat, the lady who tarts herself up to unuspecting horny old bastards. the works. It's supposed to be this really grim, dark story with plenty of suspense, horror and 19th century genital diseases.

But you know? They turned it into this light hearted PG-13 family comedy. Which is fine. If you do it right.

Some interesting things from the movie:
  • Donald Sutherland's supposed to be this British dude. Naturally this requires an American actor to mimic a British accent, right? Wrong! Donnie-boy goes right on screaming "Bloody hell!" in his original American accent.
  • There's this one guy who goes to a lady on the train, "Have you ever been in the 50 mph club? They say it's good for your circulation.."
  • Which leads me to say, there's so many double entendres in this movie, I'm surprised Mr. Connery doesn't puke himself silly for it. Or maybe it's really his style. Smooth, Sean, smooth...
So anyway, Scarface is a good movie. For laughs and groans, watch the Great Train Robbery today!

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