Saturday, August 5, 2006

Words you don't hear your friends say very often

For example; bifurcation. What is that? What? Because it is strange to me. Amongst other things.

I want to write about some things. Big things. Important things. Things that make me feel like running 10 laps and jumping and screaming and listening to music really loud.

I will write about such things eventually, in good time. For now, let's discuss this. This thingus about our government expressing its wishes to read, monitor and digest our blogs. Because apparently, there are things which require some form of government control and intervention. Is this one of those things? Yes... and no.

You see, we live in what some would call a developing democracy, one that accords certain corrolary rights to us, society, to utilize in discretion. What that means is that, we have freedoms, for example, our ability to even access this blog server and others, without the hassle of enforced registration (like what they have in Cuba). But what that also means is, particularly in the Malaysian context, we can't afford to just flap our gums openly.


Good question. I'd like to think that we live in a conservative, narrow-minded society. But I don't. We are becoming increasingly tech-savvy as a whole, not to mention the fact that because of yes, globalization and whatever malcontents it may have, for better or worse (mostly the former), Malaysian society has (I hate using this word) evolved. One that does realize that this world isn't one we can take for granted, that the more you learn, the less you really knew.

Y'dig? No?

Blogs are a form of media. Mass media, perhaps even. Because of their accessibility, the ability of the blogger to exercise complete anonymity, they are the new wave of information dissemination. Information, i.e. opinions, gossip (for God's sake), you name it. It's our new poison. And damn if it doesn't feel gratifying to write. Maybe we are serious. Maybe we're hobbyists. Who knows?

But I digress.

Caution. Exercising of it. In the UK, which is supposed to be a democracy, they don't have complete freedom on the net. Not even in terms of expression, plain and simple. You can't write libel, you can't write names of active service intelligence officers (duh), you can't defame blatantly, nor spread racist ideals. Those things, and others, are in fact illegal and suppressed. In Saudi Arabia, in Singapore, they have such restrictions too. And God knows bloggers in Singapore have been arrested, for sedition (but then, we weren't there, were we?).

You know what I think? I think our government, despite whatever gripes we may have with it, is still making concessions with us in concordance with our wishes to express ourselves. Why else do we have the ability to blog in the first place? Who knows, we may one day (hopefully soon) be able to be completely expressive. But do we really want to be? Be careful what you wish for. Absolute freedom can sometimes mean anarchy.

My wasn't that a mouthful? And I've still got more. But I don't want to drain you. I want you to think. I want you to understand. I am not pro-anything or anti-anything. I am just an ordianry joe like you who has something to say, but not always something to prove.

You know what? At least we don't have the Great Firewall of Internet monitors that some regimes do. Let's not drag us into that scenario, yes?

UPDATE: I am not a sycophant. I was not paid to write this. Holy crap. Am I sucking up to the Man? I'm not. Really. I sound so Nixon-ish! "I am not a crook!" Double V's for victory.


Only Kye said...

so tell me. does the malaysian government's ass taste like chicken?

Ezanee said...

Oh man. Tastes like prunes.

Adrian said...

Erm. I read somewhere that the government might introduce a ruling that requires you to obtain a police permit if an entry gets more than 10 comments.

Among other regulations.

Whaddaya think about that?

Only Kye said...

hey. that's scary. they're finally intruding the final space of absolute freedom we have. oh wait. no. that would have to be our minds.

Mizah said...

so when are you running for president? oh wait... prime minister? oh no... let's just start with class president, yes?

Halian said...

The problem about people is, the moment they learn how to speak, they don't know how to stop and this habit spreads faster via technology of internet and mobile phones. They think that since there is a wider and greater number of audience now, the more they have to talk and the deeper they have to analyse.

They feel small when other people come out with bombastic words, they feel challenged when others explain well-argued issues and they feel threatened when others seem to oppose their views. That is why people tend to control the volume of other person's opinion when it devours theirs.

Brothers & Sisters,

You can get as much freedom of speech as you want, but to me, the smartest person is the one who speaks only when he needs to.

Anonymous said...

dear ezanee,
i agree with u that malaysians somehow should be thankful for the freedom of expressing ourselves freely in the internet.. and yes, im very glad that we dont have that great firewall bla bla bla being implemented in this country...
but hey, you shouldnt just ban bloggers for bad things they say about u.. thats not a very good way of handling things..
btw, people say lotsa BAD things bout tun dr.M when he was ruling the country..i just dont agree with the way he handles this tiny prob..