Saturday, July 29, 2006

What is the deal

I've been posting a lot of song lyrics up here haven't I? It's like I'm shamelessly turning what used to be the paragon, the pinnacle of blogging into some farcical bulletin board of plagiarism and unoriginality. I'm so embarrassed. And yet, I'm not.

Maybe I should try something new, yes? Maybe you guys can suggest possible changes to my scope of writing, or additional html stuff or whatever that I could stick up here. Not that I'd respond particularly quickly, no. Just so I know you guys haven't given me up just yet, you know? Like I'm a has-been, like some prize fighter relegated to the streets hustling for a living.

Not that I see myself that way or nothin'.

Recommended reading, for laughs: Dave Barry Hits Below The Beltway, by Dave Barry. Funny! Also, if you're interested in borrowing Future of Freedom, I returned it to the library a few weeks back. Someone left a note in there, which I just left there too. So future generations can be enlightened.


Only Kye said...

Umm. Write songs. Play em. And I'll give my two cents worth (mercilessly). You can be scarred then blog your brains out on how critics should just shove it.


Only Kye said...

at least you put up good song lyrics, da?

I notice they're mostly from ryan adams though.

Halian said...

I suggest you choose a tight debate issue, then you pick a side and defend it like there's no tomorrow. I am sure people will start giving feedbacks.

Adrian said...

"Pinnacle of blogging?"

Are you serious?