Thursday, July 6, 2006

Views from free day; plus other pictures too

It finally stopped raining today, so it was as good a time as any to walk around. We visited Mt. Victoria earlier today, and walked around Wellington some more. See the blue sky! Revel in its freedom from gray impending rain!

Who would have thought they'd have a restaurant named after Genghis Khan in Wellington? Yes, apparently they do. But it is on the outskirts of town. Possibly to live up to his renegade title and fierce individualism.

The next picture is one taken on the way up to the peak. It was a good walk, with nary a bad view to be had.


This way up to the peak.

One of many group photos.

This makes a kickass lawn ornament.Wanna know what the cannon's pointing at?


Good times.

Saw this plaque on the way down. Down... to the bay. Bay of Pigs. No, it's not. It's Oriental Bay. I wonder why they call it Oriental Bay. Not very Oriental.

Ice cream. It was cold. So's the weather. Maybe Adam makes it Oriental, ho ho ho. I'm sorry Adam. Oh, the camera's out. Can't transfer any more photos for now. But that's mostly what today was like. Not dead like the camera, no. But the general sense of touristy goodness associated with walking around a city like this. Man, a couple more days left. Then we're coming home. That would be good.


Only Kye said...

Ice cream in the cold is very very yummers.

Anonymous said...

So the grass is indeed greener on the other side of the world...Nice pics.


Adrian said...

Hey man Happy birthday.

Adrian said...

tomorrow I mean

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