Thursday, July 13, 2006

(Theme from Superman), courtesy of John Williams

So the new semester finally started. And I missed only a few classes. Not a bad way to start this sem. What courses am I taking, you're probably not asking yourself? I don't particularly feel compelled to tell you guys anyway, if it's all right. Mostly aerospace courses, and I'm finishing off those econs subjects, too, finally.

I met our new rector today. Nice guy. Very amiable. He seems pretty down to earth too. Didn't give me a hard time about my hair, either. But I didn't really get the opportunity to talk about a lot of things which I feel are relevant just now, cos the press was there. And the guy (the reporter, that is) was jotting down every damn thing on his pad. It was weird. Not to mention the photo shoot. Man. Look for us in the papers I guess.

Experimental aero today was annoying. I didn't prepare for the experiment in advance, so I forgot all the theories and concepts from Gas Dynamics which I took like a year ago. So... I'm screwed, temporarily. At least til I start studying that stuff over again. Eventually.


Anonymous said...

So u guys will hit the papers pretty soon I guess..Give us a hint which paper we should be looking out for...And Congrats on Australs

have a great term.


Ezanee said...

Thank you Zati... I think the reporters were from Kosmo(God) and either Utusan or Berita Harian