Sunday, July 9, 2006

Reasonably Excellent Considering

Hey everyone. We're finally flying back in the morning, hopefully. Well, not all of us. Adam and the twins are extending their stay, so safe journey and trip for them!

A few things have happened during this Australs which I feel can be brought to light without too much scrutiny. Firstly, IIU 2 won the ESL category, for the second year in a row. Congratulations are due to Jun, Jan and Adam for this achievement. Secondly, due to a chicken pox situation, my team was made non-breaking in both the main and ESL categories. Yeah. But noone's to blame. Shit happens.

But... doesn't mean there wasn't any consolation. Sure, we had a strong chance of breaking in the main (trust me, I know), but that didn't stop Hadi from getting 4th best speaker in ESL. Nor myself from getting the highest ranked ESL speaker, ten points short of getting in the top ten ranked speakers in the main category. So, considering that this was my first Australs, it's still something I can look back on without swearing much.

Many thanks go to those who have trained us, particularly Azrul and Azahan, and to those who selected us and supported us all the way (that includes you guys, mostly).

Last thing, I lost or misplaced my USB cable connecting the camera to the computer. So until I get my hands on another cable, no more photos... not that there's much left to show, anyways.

Wellington has been awesome. We did not suck! And now, I can dedicate my attention and effort to ensuring that the new semester starts off on the right foot (well, I'll be missing the first day, but still). Now to pack.

One more thing. France must win. Otherwise this World Cup, well. Well.


Melorina said...


Too bad. Italy won!!! I am so happy!!!

I am happy for you too. Yup, too bad on not being available to break. But, it shows you are going somewhere. Better luck at the next tourney!!! : )

Anonymous said...

Hey Congrats!! but I guess ladu luck is not at france side thi time round..Dammit..I just cant take it when the italians won..(holding grugde on them now..)

Hope U'll arrive back safe n sound and Have a Great new term.