Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The humor doesn't last, unfortunately

But, since you're here anyway, click here for some Engrish!

I like this article. Basically comedians like Aimee Mann. I like Aimee Mann too! But the best part is the one about JaRule and Albert Hammond Jr.

Not much happening here, folks.

I hope they stop bombing Lebanon!! Man I'm pissed greatly by this. What has it been, a week now? Argh! What the hell is wrong with these people. Taking the fight to Hezbollah doesn't dictate that you kill civilians!

Oh, did you guys read about Putin's remarks to Bush and Blair at the G8 summit? They're pretty funny. Industrialized countries have it easy don't they. Speaking of G8, this article makes for some pretty interesting reading. Really sticking it to the man (by which I mean, corporations).

If you find this post a bit unfocused, well, it is. Blame it on the haze.

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