Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Holy Crap

Man is it cold! It started raining yesterday; today, it's really pouring. My team almost didn't make it to the first round of the day, since I had to accompany my teammate to the hospital (it's kind of a funny story, but I'll save it for future conversation). I'm actualy writing between rounds; right now is the public speaking competition (I'm through with that stuff). Round 5 is in about an hour, right now we're on 3 wins and 1 loss. Not bad, but the loss was tragic. In the sense that we really could've taken 'em if we played their game.

On Monday night, they held an opening ceremony. It was at Te Papa, I think it's their national museum. It was cool. The speakers spoke in Maori though, and it seemed like they were telling insde jokes to each other at times. Hey, remember in the Philippines they had a glee club? Well, you ain't heard nothin til you've heard these guys singing... it beats any gospel choir or nasyid group anytime!

Yesterday was the first three rounds. You can see above is the lecture hall where we all convene for motions. I liked the care they put into that last line.

Today's round was held in this building, which is supposed to be the largest wooden structure in the Southern Hemisphere, the law faculty (of all things!).

Oh, hey. I gotta go back to the hall. Almost time for round 5. Peace to you all.

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